1. Open the sunshade in vehicle (be mindful that springs open automatically).
  2. Place the shade against the windshield with the silver side facing outside, black facing inside.
  3. Overlap the rings as needed to cover the entire windshield. The extra fabric between the two circles gives the shade flexibility to fit wider as well as narrower windshields. Please confirm your vehicle's make, model and year in our size chart to make sure you have the right size sunshade for your vehicle.
  4. Pull the sun visors down over the sunshade to secure it against the windshield. In order for the sunshade to be secured properly, the vehicle's sun visors must be able to reach and close down on the two support rings inside the sunshade. If the shade is struggling to stay put against the windshield, it is most likely that you need a larger sunshade as the support rings are not large enough to be secured by the sun visors. 

How to Fold Your Car Sunshade